Hunters of the lost moment

Sometimes you are lucky, and you experience a very special moment. Maybe it’s an atmospheric place or a touching encounter. And immediately you know: “Wow, that’s it!”

A moment equates to about 1/40 hour, is fleeting, does not announce itself, and those who do not pay attention will overlook them. Even more fleeting, and thus more precious, can be the instant. An average day has about 640 moments and about 11,520 instants.

On the KAIKKIALLA website we will try to capture some of these extraordinary moments. The focus is on people. Maybe it’s a way of life, a special commitment, a smart, groundbreaking thought, or just a natural, rousing laugh that makes us pause for a moment. Join us in our hunt for the moments hopefully not yet lost.

Our “instant people” are also part of our inspiration. Let us participate in your special moments. Be a hunter of the lost moment.