Kaikkialla has many faces

KAIKKIALLA stands for the bundled experience of six leading European outdoor and travel suppliers. KAIKKIALLA’s strength is the people behind the brand who are in direct contact with our customers. They accompany every part, whether jacket or tent, from rucksack to rain cover, from the first idea to the delivery to our stores. Gradually we will introduce you. KAIKKIALLA has many faces. 

“I’m Dutch and have studied psychology,” Denise replies with a smile, when asked about her qualifications as KAIKKIALLA Brand Manager. Already as a student in Nijmegen (NL) her passion for the mountains erupted. In her dreams, on the side of Heinrich Harrer, she had climbed every single passage of the “white spider” innumerable times. When she finally stood on her first high alpine summit – with crampons, helmet, rope, ice-axt and everything a Dutch girl thinks a mountaineer needs – she thought she was close to the Eiger north face. “Well, it works!”

After years working seasonally in the most remote Western Alpine huts, she finally broke her tents in the Netherlands in 2003, and found her base camp in the heart of the Alps, in Innsbruck, and soon also at Sportler Alpin. No, she did not climb the Eiger north face to this day, and their goals have become more modest. But even in her wildest dreams she would never have expected to ski down a steep north face. And still: “It works!”

Since 2017, Denise has been making waves at KAIKKIALLA. After a refresh of the entire hardware, from now on the reorientation of the clothing line follows. Her next destination on this way: winter collection 2020/21. What that means? Gathering ideas, exchanging ideas with buyers and customers, finding new designers, new technicians, finding new producers, searching materials, visiting production sites. Experiencing successes, accepting setbacks and always trying to create quality. In doing so, she attaches great importance to adhering to ecological and social standards.

But Denise does not just care about the big picture, but actually about every single customers request. Maybe you already had contact with her when you -for example- have been looking for a new valve for your eight year old KAIKKIALLA mat. “It works!”