Arrive everywhere

As the fourth and for the time being the last place on our tour to strange perspectives, we finally ended up in winter. Our tried and tested interior was again strained this time. What was new was that Jo, our photographer of the first three shoots, patiently took a seat on the other side of the lens this time. Consciously take a different path than the usual one. Consciously take a different view than the usual one. Don’t rely on the safe, but on the attempt – on the different.

Although individuality seems to be the trend, it is not difficult to see that what people know is what people like best. Some examples from nature? Matterhorn, Tre Cime, Braies Lake …

Why is that? Is it fear that leads us to the familiar? Do we need something predictable, clearly outlined, to feel safe? And how much difference is bearable? True to the motto: Everyone wants to be individual, but dare someone is different.

Our first change of perspective was called Everywhere at home, followed by the story in the tunnel with the question: Everywhere and you? – a crazy idea. Above the hang glider launch platform, the heading Everywhere was emblazoned and we made loneliness a topic.

With Jo in focus and arriving everywhere, we close the quartet. Consciously with a person who is committed to the little things in his nature photo’s. Not the overliked Matterhorn can be found in its finder, but often the delicate, the small. One of his series of motifs could be seen as a reflection of our time: a narcissistic blue tit looking at her reflection in a dark pond –

An idea from this perspective could be: Let the other be different. Accept him as he is. Let him arrive.