Home everywhere

Our first slightly different photo shooting took place early in the morning at the banks of a mountain creek. Two old, heavy leather armchairs, table, carpet, floor lamp. Here it was: Our living room outside!

Perspective puzzle: The scenery here – HOME EVERYWHERE – is separated from the “fluffy carpet in the tunnel” only by a single door – A CRAZY IDEA. You need a magic spectrum, for a step from here to there.

Between KAIKKIALLA and nowhere, there is a land, infinitely distant, one step is enough, and you are there. Climb over the mountain, wander along the river without end, to the lake, big as an ocean, and yet circled in a single day. This land is everywhere, knows neither time nor space. It starts around the corner, and just beyond the moon. In front of you, as far as the eye can see. In you, as deep as thinking leads. Every day, every hour, look for those who know the way. Look, because they are not loud. You will recognize them in an instant. You will feel when a journey becomes an encounter. Give a sign, because people need this land. But never forget: one border only and you are wrong, stop, turn back, search again. Because you know what KAIKKIALLA means.

On the KAIKKIALLA website, in the future, we will focus on people. People who impress us in their particularity:

Carmen lives the world as she pleases, yet two times three does not make four with her. She lives values and conventions, reconciles everything and does not lose herself in all this. Persistently, without big words, goes ahead and arrives, with ease and a smile. She is in motion everywhere.