From ME to WE

Our photo series in the context of a slightly different perspective led us this time – after the mountain creek and the tunnel – on an exposed and steeply sloping launch ramp for hang gliders. Again we dragged, pushed, arranged.

We asked ourselves: Can mindfulness be more than a momentary hype? What is mindfulness anyway? Do we all understand the same thing? Hardly conceivable.

In a critical examination of our social behavior, the impression should not be completely wrong that the individual willingly puts himself in the center of all attention. The own ego controls the everyday life: “My opinion, my attitude, my world view is correct and immovable!”

Perhaps an interpretation of mindfulness could be to recognize that despite our apparent networking, the loneliness of many is rapidly advancing. Can you do something about it? We believe: Yes!


We almost always have the choice. We can tell our own story, which may then become reality. We can see an abandoned scene in the fog or the table covered with colorful plates. We can isolate ourselves, argue, and treat others with suspicion and resentment. But we could also look up and see in what magnificent surroundings we are together.